The extraordinary time in which we find ourselves has pushed us all to adapt and change in unexpected ways, and yet it has also served to reaffirm a truth that has always been with us. Despite our differences of faith, culture or walk of life, ultimately we are all united by our common humanity. World Interfaith Harmony Week is a moment to celebrate the power of dialogue, compassion and acceptance between people of all beliefs. When we take time to learn about others, to stand in their shoes and hear their unique voices, we come one step closer to the peace and understanding we all need and deserve. 

As Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in Alberta, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the people across our province who are working to foster interfaith dialogue in their communities. I also would like to thank the faith community leaders and members who have been reaching out to share hope and ensure that everyone is supported throughout the pandemic. You stand as powerful reminders of the paramount importance of faith, love and compassion in our lives.

Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani AOE, B.Sc., Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

February 1, 2021