As we wish 2023 farewell and start anew in 2024, I would like to encourage everyone to reflect on our accomplishments and the positive things in our lives including our family and friends and our joyful moments.

There is so much good in our communities, and I believe that we have much to look forward to. We can all play an active part in achieving the promise of the coming year, simply by reaching out to those who need a helping hand. Let us all make a New Year’s resolution to share our strengths with our communities, to focus on, and be grateful for the good around us and to ripple that goodness out to others. Collectively, we can build on the compassion, hope, and well-being in our lives, simply by sharing the best of who we are.

As His Majesty the King’s representative in Alberta, I send my heartfelt wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year. I hope that the coming year blesses you with the opportunity to be of service and brings you and yours health and happiness. Stay well and Happy New Year!  

Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, AOE, BSc, LLD (hon)

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta