The theme for the International Day of Peace 2022 is “End racism. Build peace” and it is a goal that everyone can contribute to, beginning in our own communities. Each gesture of compassion, act of kindness, or extra moment taken to treat one another with respect and understanding contributes to the spirit of peace that we all should enjoy.

May every one of us find in ourselves the courage to call out racist attitudes or behaviors when we see them. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once wrote that “peace is our gift to each other” and I hope that we will always strive to give and to receive it with open hearts and minds.

As His Majesty the King’s representative in Alberta, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the thoughtful leaders, volunteers and community members who are contributing to essential work taking place at all levels to foster understanding and peace, both here at home and around the world.

Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani AOE, B.Sc., LLD (hon), Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

September 21, 2022