Please note: An updated Protocol and Ceremony Guide is being prepared for Lieutenant Governor Lakhani and will be posted soon as a downloadable .pdf. In the meantime, please email for further information on hosting Her Honour.

Arrival and Departure 

When attending public events, the Lieutenant Governor is accompanied by a member of her staff of volunteer Aides-de-Camp(AdeC). Prior to an event, the AdeC will contact organizations hosting the Lieutenant Governor to assist with any protocol questions or arrangements.

The Lieutenant Governor is accorded the honour and respect due to the Queen's representative. Individuals should rise when she enters a room or arrives at a function and should also rise when she departs. At a dinner, ceremony or meeting the Lieutenant Governor and those accompanying her (the Vice Regal Party) should always be the last to enter and the first to leave.

It is customary for the senior member of the hosting organization and his/her spouse to meet the Lieutenant Governor upon her arrival, preferably when the Lieutenant Governor's vehicle arrives at the venue.

After the AdeC makes initial introductions, the AdeC will lead the party into the building. The Lieutenant Governor walks and sits on the host's right, and is always first through a doorway or into an elevator, immediately following the AdeC who always precedes the Lieutenant Governor. The host's spouse and remainder of the head table or official party enter prior to the Lieutenant Governor and remain standing until the Vice-Regal Party has entered.

The Vice Regal Salute is played once the Lieutenant Governor has arrived at her designated place. The Vice-Regal Salute is not sung.

At the conclusion of an event, guests stand and remain in place while the Vice-Regal Party exits. It may be helpful to arrange for ushers in order to prevent the exit route for the Vice-Regal party from being blocked. The host and his/her spouse should also accompany the Lieutenant Governor to the car to say farewell.

Note: It is not necessary for guests to rise during an intermission.


Speakers other than the Chairperson should acknowledge the Chair first, then the Lieutenant Governor, e.g. "Mr./Madame Chair, Your Honour…." The Table of Precedence for Alberta is useful in determining the order of acknowledgements when numerous dignitaries are in attendance.


When asked to address a function, the very strong preference is for the Lieutenant Governor to speak first. Any proposed variations in speaking order should be discussed with the AdeC or the Lieutenant Governor's office staff.

Luncheons and Dinners 

The Lieutenant Governor is served first and in the case of a buffet should be the first in line immediately followed by the host.


The event host will normally introduce guests wishing to meet the Lieutenant Governor. However, the Aide-de-Camp may assist if requested to do so beforehand.

To avoid confusion with introductions, use the phrase "Your Honour, may I present…" The AdeC and the host should ensure that conversations are kept short so that as many people as possible have an opportunity to visit with the Lieutenant Governor. The normal etiquette during introductions is to shake hands. Bowing or curtseying is not required.


The Toast to the Queen (also known as the Loyal Toast) is the first toast to be given at any formal function.

The toast is proposed after dinner and before dessert and coffee have been served. In most cases, the Lieutenant Governor will be honoured to propose the Toast to the Queen. This can be arranged through the Aide-de-Camp.

To propose the Toast to the Queen:  

The host/MC asks the guests to rise so that they may join in a Toast to the Queen.
Once the guests have risen, the person proposing the toast raises his/her glass and simply says: "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Queen." The guests respond to the toast by repeating "The Queen." Guests do not "clink" glasses for this toast.
In the event that the Governor General or the Lieutenant Governor is present but not proposing the toast, the person proposing it would say: "Your Excellency (or Your Honour), Ladies and Gentlemen, The Queen."  

If there are musicians in attendance and it has been decided that there will be a musical salute and a toast, the Lieutenant Governor will stand, at which time the band will play a full verse of "God Save The Queen." When the music concludes, the Lieutenant Governor offers the toast.

If the host or chair wishes to toast the Governor General (if present) or the Lieutenant Governor, they should not do so immediately after the toast to The Queen.

At military functions, the Loyal Toast is proposed after dessert is finished and tables have been cleared, except for the decorations and port glasses. The port is brought in and the Head Steward pours a small sample for the host or President of the Mess (PMC) to taste. The steward then hands the decanter to the host, who charges his glass three-quarters full and passes the decanter to his left, assuring that the decanter does not touch the surface of the table. The toast is proposed after all guests have been served.

Notice to Facilities

If the event is being held in a hotel, convention centre, arena or theatre, the facility manager should be given advance notice of the Lieutenant Governor's attendance as it is customary for the manager to be on hand for the arrival of the Lieutenant Governor. In addition to greeting the Vice-Regal Party on arrival, the manager can arrange for other courtesies such as reserved parking and for doors and elevators to be held.