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I know that many of us are ready to bring 2021 to a close and start a fresh new year, and that is understandable given the challenges that we have faced together since the pandemic began. I am certainly excited for the potential that 2022 holds for us all, but I also would like to take a moment to recognize the countless frontline workers, community leaders and volunteers who have done so much to keep us safe and moving forward over the past year. I have been honoured to meet with, and learn from, many of these inspiring people. They often work behind the scenes, and they don’t always receive the thanks they deserve, but they have been front and centre in ensuring our collective well-being.

To all those who serve, I offer my heartfelt thanks to you for giving your best, each and every day. There is so much good in our communities, and I believe  that we have much to look forward to. We can all play an active part in achieving the promise of the coming year, simply by reaching out to those who need a helping hand, and by sharing our strengths with others.

I hope that the coming year blesses you with the opportunity to be of service, and brings you and yours health and happiness.

Stay well and Happy New Year!