The Vice-Regal Salute 

It is customary to play the Vice-Regal Salute at ceremonies and official events attended by the Lieutenant Governor. The Vice-Regal Salute consists of the first six bars of "God Save the Queen" followed by the first four and last four bars of "O Canada." A special arrangement called "Mallorca" is played on the bagpipes.

The Vice-Regal Salute is not played while the Lieutenant Governor and party are walking but rather once they have arrived at their table or seat and while still standing. The Vice-Regal Salute is not sung.  It is the usual custom for the MC to remind the guests of Vice Regal Salute protocol prior to entrance of the head table.

The Vice-Regal Salute can be omitted if it cannot be rendered well or if it places an inconvenience on the host through the cost of hiring musicians, renting a piano, etc. 


Vice-Regal Salute  (mp3 / wav)
O Canada - Vocal  (mp3 / wav)
O Canada - Instrumental  (mp3 / wav)
God Save the Queen - Vocal  (mp3 / wav)
God Save the Queen - Instrumental  (mp3 / wav)

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Artillery Band for providing these recordings.