Aides-de-Camp (AdeCs) to the Lieutenant Governor are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor. The Aide-de-Camp is an honourary, volunteer position.

The responsibilities of the AdeC include:

  • Acting as a liaison officer and advisor between the Lieutenant Governor's office and organizations.
  • Providing advice and assistance to hosts of official functions on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor.
  • Ensuring that the correct level of protocol is adhered to at official functions.
  • Attending to the needs of the Lieutenant Governor when required.  

The Aide will normally verify arrangements with the organizer, meet with the hosts and visit the site beforehand. On some occasions, a rehearsal or dry run may be required. On-the-spot changes to the itinerary or program are not possible unless approved by the AdeC.

In Alberta, Aides-de-Camp are selected from the Regular Forces, Reservists and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While in active service as an Aide-de-Camp, these individuals may use the post-nominal AdeC.

The appointment of an Aide-de-Camp is normally for the length of the Lieutenant Governor's term in office. Transfers and personal commitments may alter this appointment.

Aides-de-Camp are easily recognized when in attendance with the Lieutenant Governor by the gold braid, or "aiguillette" they wear on the right shoulder of their uniform. Aides-de-Camp are entitled to wear the aiguillette whenever they are attending the same function as the Lieutenant Governor even if they are not the Duty Aide-de-Camp for that function.